An Overview, Types, Best Practices, and Tools

For example, In the LoadRunner testing tool, the scenarios are created with the LoadRunner controller’s help. The reliability of response time concludes the past period should be logged and the same should be compared with several test runs. Saving a lot of money is key to running repeatable tests without having the need to maintain huge hardware and infrastructure requirements. It should be possible to monitor the performance measures in real-time during test execution . NeoLoad offers a test analysis capability allowing you to identify a performance problem root, leaving more time to solve quickly. A good rule of thumb when making sure performance is properly integrated into development work is to put SLAs in the user stories directly, as another dimension in your Definition of Done .

Make certain that all positive and negative scenarios are considered while writing a test case. It aids in the creation of the most effective and precise test cases depending on project objectives. By checking this box, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. You can see more reputable companies and resources that referenced AIMultiple. If there are script problems in the test or the data used for testing is faulty, an error can arise. Initially, there are no problems, but suddenly, many errors arise in different places.

Ensuring the Availability of your Services

Evaluating an airline’s website that will be launching a flight promotion offer and is expecting 10,000+ users at a time. You can easily lose customers, new and old, if your website is very slow or is not accessible from time to time. Users for all around the world will access your website every single second, and your website needs to be available to all your users without a second of delay.

FUJAIRAH DATA: April bunker sales jump 6.6% from record low – S&P Global

FUJAIRAH DATA: April bunker sales jump 6.6% from record low.

Posted: Tue, 16 May 2023 13:59:00 GMT [source]

Here are other reasons why load testing is essential for web applications. When software does not handle concurrent users well, it leads to issues such as poor utilization of resources and memory leaks. Load testing enables software teams to find out the limits of their application’s operational capacity. When the team is aware of the system’s limitations, they can easily identify the changes needed to make the product more scalable.

Having adequate load generator readiness

Individual component testing isolates individual parts of a system, like a web service or a database call, and performs various tests on that component outside of the rest of the system. Component testing may also test only one aspect of a system, such as a database search or a database write. Stability testing may include a few different scenarios that should always work, even after a system is changed. If stability tests fail, then either the system has become unstable, or the stability test needs adjustment in order to handle system changes. Scalability testing typically introduces more and more users onto the system over time for measuring whether the system can scale up to meet user needs as load increases.

Benefits of Load Testing

LoadView manages these tedious tasks, like instantiating generators and setting up global distributed agents. This gives developers more time for designing, executing, and analyzing their tests. JMeter is by far the most widely used and popular open source load testing tool that offers many features comparable to commercial load testing tools. You can record your test scripts and understand the reports very easily. It is actively maintained and updated frequently to support new technologies. Application load testing is an extension or subset of performance testing that informs developers if an application is truly ready for prime time.

The load testing platform’s interaction with your DevOps toolchain

Most data analysis involves re-running scenarios to narrow the issue and identify the core problem. Developers can set out to perform a stress test, but it can also occur inadvertently during an upper-level load test. In both types of tests, the load test automation tools push the system past the available resources, providing a wealth of valuable data.

Benefits of Load Testing

This resulted in errors and issues being detected later in the process, which meant developers would go back through the code and fix issues, which typically delayed the release. The agile method focuses on smaller, incremental tests that are carried out earlier in the development cycle, any issues can be remedied during the process. Are you planning to perform load testing for your website and are you looking for the best tools to do so? Or are you reading blogs of open source load testing tools versus commercial load testing tools? As we’ve explained, load testing is used to understand and define the maximum amount of work a system is capable of sustaining without significant performance degradation.


This section will describe what errors can occur in the natural environment. It’s a crucial piece of knowledge since it allows you to quickly identify and fix possible errors. For example, server error 500s like 502 Bad Gateway, 503 Service Unavailable, or 504 Gateway Timeout are some of the most common errors that should be eliminated. This characteristic shows how fast the pages of your app are displayed to users. If they are too big, users will leave your app since they don’t like to wait.

  • As the results of each scenario are analyzed, testing can help evolve the infrastructure for supporting the most extreme demand that can be expected by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in the system.
  • Load testing software measures database reads and writes plus the number of open database connections.
  • Enterprise organizations will sometimes develop in-house load testing tools, but it’s a process requiring both time and investment, making it more of a long-term strategy.
  • After all, virtual users can zip through a workflow much faster than real people can.
  • In other words, the load test was simultaneously slowing the system and slowing the load test itself, giving the impression that the user experience was unaffected.
  • How about when the New York Stock Exchange went down for over three hours?

There are countless reasons why load testing web appsand the APIs is so essential to your business. But perhaps the recent examples of failure to adequately load test are the most persuasive. Now that testing automation is in the cloud, it has more flexible resource allocation.

Examples of Load Test Cases

Load test can be done with end-to-end IT systems or smaller components like database servers or firewalls. It measures the speed or capacity of the system or component through transaction response time. When the system components dramatically extend response times or become unstable, the system is likely to have reached its maximum operating capacity.

Benefits of Load Testing

In 2017, Information Technology Intelligence Consulting conducted research among more than 750 organizations to find out the average cost of a server outage. The findings suggest that almost a quarter of the reported server outages cost between $301K and $400K per hour. But the real losses may even go beyond these figures as they include the clients who’ll never go back and the purchases they’ll never make. They are the most cost-effective option, making them popular among start-ups and other ventures with limited resources.

Identify Inefficient Code

A thorough strategy acknowledges every feature, functionality, and component of the application in order to build a comprehensive plan to design a realistic workload and gauge performance. It is always advisable to test, analyze, and fix bugs during the Software Development Lifecycle before actually deploying an application in the real world and have it fail with end users. As part of a continuous integration cycle, it is good practice to run automated load tests to see if code changes affect performance. Load testing is a great tool to put your product in a real-life situation in order to identify its performance limits and see if these limits can be pushed further away. For example, stress testing is particularly useful for online shops or ticket booking sites that experience traffic surges during Black Friday or other sales events.

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