Condemned To you: An excellent Korean Drama for fans away from Ro Woon

Condemned To you: An excellent Korean Drama for fans away from Ro Woon

Within kanadensiska kvinnor som letar efter amerikanska mГ¤n the Destined Along with you, area of the male profile are Jang Shin Yu; a profitable attorneys at the an effective esteemed law firm who’s hired to the office into the town Mayor. It’s one particular reduced total of spend, your job is never regarding currency you create. On the exterior, the guy looks like the guy who may have everything. Visual appearance, a profitable profession, comes from an excellent friends, a good companion. Could there be something wrong which have him? Eh! You will find several something, including:

  1. A beneficial girlfriend, set up by his parents whom he will not like; she has insisting with the relationship.
  2. A disease that’s more sluggish eliminating your. The condition is actually a hundreds of years-dated curse. You need certainly to wonder, can be brand new curse become elevated?
  3. On the other hand, he’s tormented. When he tries to bed a bloody give touches his cheek and you can carefully caresses their face. However, that is the owner of brand new soft hands?

¦ Who owns the box

An element of the women profile is actually Lee Hong Jo, good lowly civil servant. She is a careful and you may faithful personnel. But she has several troubles.

  1. For one thing, their particular co-experts hate their unique.
  2. For another situation, she wants a person in the office, but the guy will not for example their unique. Or rather, he says he enjoys her, but just just like the one.
  3. Concurrently, this lady has already been allotted to the task of going a creating mixed. Anybody passed away in any sort of accident while on the newest site while the building wasn’t structurally sound. The issue is the building is on individual property. This new residential property are owned by ily and he won’t tear it off!

Jang Shin Yu and you will Lee Hong Jo meet each other as the out-of their works. He doesn’t need to make their jobs simple. He says to her discover a female she need to communicate with assuming she will get their consent so you’re able to destroy the structure, the guy would not stand in their unique ways. The structure is an effective shaman shrine which was on that belongings while the Joseon Day and age. Jang Shin Yu is definite brand new lady wouldn’t agree.

As soon as the woman matches Lee Hong Jo she believes to let the structure to be destroyed. There is zero argument otherwise assertion. Jang Shin Yu is totally astonished from this and you may check outs the brand new woman privately to ask their particular Why. New woman’s response is actually: “The owner of the package will be here”. Package. Just what Field??

¦ A past Lifestyle Commitment

As it happens you will find a package which had been tucked close the fresh shaman’s shrine. It belonged so you can a female who was an excellent shaman, while the box contains a book from spells. The shaman was a genuine person named Aeng Cho, and you can she blogged the ebook.

Within his earlier in the day lives, Jang Shin Yu is Jang Mu Jin , a rich younger nobleman who fell so in love with an effective shaman. In her prior life, Lee Hong Jo try Aeng Cho , new shaman. It was a taboo partnership one concluded tragically.

Nevertheless these try modern times and you will during this time period can Jang Shin Yu and you may Lee Hong Jo features a relationship one to endures? The latest woman who gave her acceptance to destroy the fresh new shaman shrine advised Jang Shin Yu that there was a match up between him and you will Lee Hong Jo. She mentioned that their destinies couldn’t feel severed . Whether disaster otherwise glee, he was destined to getting along with her.

  • Jang Shin Yu | Jang Mu Jin (played because of the Ro Woon, “The Kings’ Affection”; “Tomorrow”)
  • Lee Hong Jo | Aeng Cho (played of the Jo Bo Ah)

Viewership and you may Score:

  • IMDb Score: 8.0 from 10 famous people

My personal rating is a bit bit highest. Destined With you may be worth nine regarding ten celebs. A portion of the characters plus the help shed all the work nicely to one another to really make the story fascinating. And, I really like a series in which all of the occurrence closes having an excellent “hook” so you just have to know what appear next. Condemned With you conquer that it storytelling strategy.

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