Modern Technologies and BBQ

Although there’s still a need for classic BBQ techniques, modern technology have revolutionized this traditional cooking method. Many of these new devices, from voice-activated features to touchscreens, make barbecue more enjoyable and less tiring. Some allow you to keep track of the temperature of your food as well as the amount of lp consumed. This can help you learn the correct techniques for broiling.

Although barbecue enthusiasts might have rules and customs that they swear by (such as choosing the right wood for different meats, or insisting on particular rubs and sauces) it’s clear that consumers want to play with a wide array of flavors. One trend we’re seeing in 2024 is global flavor fusion, as barbecuers try marinades, rubs, and sauces that are inspired by international cuisines. This allows barbecuers to explore their taste buds all over the globe. From sweet Korean Gochujang to smokey Mexican Chipotle.

Although smart grilling hasn’t been a massive hit, a few manufacturers are considering how they can add connected technology to their products in order to reach a wider range of people who are uneasy with traditional barbeque methods. One manufacturer uses a combination sensor and software to create an intelligent BBQ which can tell the temperature of the meat’s internal temperature. This could be a valuable instrument for anyone who has ever experienced burns from undercooked or overcooked meat. It can also lower the chance of undercooking your meat by making sure it’s properly cooked every time.

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