Needless to say, we are going to never know the actual situation, however, hearsay close both stories did the rounds away from legal and beyond

Needless to say, we are going to never know the actual situation, however, hearsay close both stories did the rounds away from legal and beyond

The newest BISHOP’S Cock

Villiers had a number of other lovers to make so you’re able to when this new king is actually busy along with his most other mistresses, and she seem to had to all types of mischief with numerous males, plus a bishop who may or may not was indeed live.

Brian Pros, the writer of the Mistresses off Charles II, recounts an incident in which Villiers appear to bit from the penis from a completely preserved (mummified) 14th Century bishop.

It’s considered that in the aftermath of your Great flame regarding London, Villiers went along to St Paul’s Cathedral – maybe to hope getting sufferers – where in actuality the mummified body away from an effective bishop was at an area where fixes have been being carried out.

Seem to, she wanted go out alone on the mummified stays before she was caught doing “a dental sex work on your body” prior to biting your penis away from.

The other particular the storyline you to definitely performed the fresh new rounds out-of court during the time with it an incredibly-much-real time unnamed bishop that have just who Villiers are presumably involved with a keen “dental gender act”.

There isn’t any checklist away from just what Villiers notion of Riverside escort which rumour but possibly, like many prominent women out-of their go out, she perhaps laughed it off.


Barbara Villiers (1640-1709), duchess regarding Cleveland and another-date mistress of Charles II. She wasn’t prominent & gossips of the day even spread rumours that she got, using one celebration, bitten off of the knob away from a beneficial bishop when you are doing fellatio. pic.twitter/cJOxmjyb3A

A good MOCK LESBIAN Matrimony

King Charles try persistent inside the search for Female Frances Stuart, even having the girl angle as “Britannia” for the the English coinage in the 1664. The guy courted the girl for many years, offering this lady house and titles. Nevertheless the girl constantly denied his improves and you can kept for the in order to this lady virginity.

Villiers went to higher lengths so you can befriend Girls Frances and you can pretty sure their so you can stage an excellent “mock lesbian marriage” between them female, as a way to amuse the fresh new King. It actually was and seen as a method to possess Villiers so you can encourage the brand new king one Females Frances prominent female while the a conclusion as to the reasons the young lady remaining not wanting your.

When you look at the “wedding”, Female Frances played the newest role from bride while a pregnant Villiers starred this new bridegroom. The fresh new queen was enjoy for the service and you will, later, Villiers open to display the girl sleep that have Women Frances as the Queen is actually allowed to take part in a bizarre trio one on it him seeing the two ladies resting.

Diarist Sam Pepys revealed the latest “wedding”: “Females Castlemaine, a short while as, had Mrs Stuart to an enjoyment, and also at night first started an effective frolic which they a couple of have to be hitched, and you will hitched they were, that have ring as well as most other ceremonies out of chapel provider and you can ribbons.”


One-night, she insisted that king unlock the entranceway in order to Girls Frances’ bed room in which he discovered the newest 15-year-old naked between the sheets that have Charles Stuart, brand new Duke off Richmond (in the event frequently her virginity remained unchanged).

Charles II vowed not to come across People Frances once again but a few many years later when she is sick which have smallpox he hurried to help you her bedside, forgave the lady and you can anticipate the girl to return to legal.

He as well as made the lady husband ambassador so you’re able to Denmark and, if the Duke passed away younger, Lady Frances is taken care of by king. During this period, she is actually defectively scarred from smallpox together with queen was just shopping for an excellent platonic reference to the woman.

CULT Out-of Character

She and you can five away from the lady college students transferred to Paris but, if queen is actually perishing inside the 1685, Villiers is at their bedside.

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