Shore tend to host personal pros out-of 21 nations

Shore tend to host personal pros out-of 21 nations

Enjoy! Appreciate! It is all your. Feb. twenty six, 1970, p. R-11. (Dysfunction regarding Northern Coast teams, facilities) North Shore maybe not resistant to difficulties out of ecology and you will populace explosion. Feb. 26, 1970, p. R-33. If the Coastline house folk? Apr. thirteen, 1970, p. 7. Property crisis haunts coastline. Apr. 20, 1970, p. 8. Can get seven, 1970, p. twenty-eight.

Urban area so you’re able to cooperate with Scott

Urban area so you’re able to vision NSSD prices discussing bid. The month of january. Planners snag hygienic section. Jan. Sewage ‘summit’ appointment entitled. Jan. Jan. NSSD so you’re able to heavens council’s 5 proposals into Clavey. The month of january. Process of law may solve Clavey sewage stress: Pierce. Jan. Sanitary district to get okay with the extension bid. Feb. Feb. Pierce eyelashes during the NSSD refusal. Feb. Clavey Rd. Feb. NSSD have a tendency to sue area. Feb. Hygienic district struck into the contamination. Mar. NSSD advised to halt pollution. Mar. Action so you’re able to write off NSSD match goes wrong. Mar. Services nigh to your Clavey? Apr. Sanitary Section to create groins so you can stabilize beaches. Annual percentage rate. NSSD was granted $11 million. Apr. Property owners being unsure of into NSSD settlement. Apr. Councilmen jeered in the stormy fulfilling. People to battle NSSD. Will get cuatro, 1970, p. Demo to resume today. Can get cuatro, 1970, p.

Penetrate aims at NSSD reorganization

Vinton Bacon might possibly be witness for the Clavey demonstration. May 7, 1970, p. The fresh new Clavey plant as well as impact. May 11, 1970, p. Petition efforts intended for NSSD. May fourteen, 1970, p. Council to debate attention with the decree. Get 18, 1970, p. Prevent Clavey Rd. Clavey fight comes into the new phase. Could possibly get 21, 1970, p. Ensure that is stays clean. Burnstein to study NSSD courtroom topic. Get twenty-eight, 1970, p. NSSD will get finish organization. June 15, 1970, p. Sewage plant foe suggests choice websites. June 18, 1970, p. Cool effect off NSSD. Summer 18, 1970, p. Lawsuit submitted against city, North Coastline Sanitary Region. Summer 18, 1970, p. We have found information to own nostrils. June twenty-two, 1970, p. NSSD leaves off residents’ 5 alternatives. July dos, 1970, p. Bacon backs Clavey Rd.

July six, 1970, p. Playground board battles Clavey extension. July 6, 1970, p. Bacon, Quon fill in applying for grants Clavey Rd. July 16, 1970, p. Hygienic district an additional competition. July 20, 1970, p. Two deals to be provided for Clavey bush. July 20, 1970, p . All of the step 3 vegetation to perform? July 23, 1970, p. Save your self so you can face NSSD trustees. July 23, 1970, p. Council opposes sewer tubing. July twenty seven, 1970, p. This new study of sewage discharge. July 30, 1970, p. Lawton demands explanation regarding sanitary area agreements. July 29, 1970, p. Associate. Aug. NSSD intends to romantic step three shore flowers. Aug. Save yourself request could cost region $30. Aug. NSSD issues become matter of cash chat. Aug. Sewage plant try to initiate.

Sept. Sanitary Region funding was eyed. Sept. Clavey Rd. Sept. Contamination halt is given consideration. Sept. Brush water – an expensive crisis. Monetary declaration. Sept. Judge to laws on the plant rezoning. Sept. Sept. Kennedy pavement protected. Sept. Clavey Path point boils more than. Sept. NSSD study from extension growth help. Sept. October. NSSD rejects several needs. October. Clavey Rd. Oct. Simon requires fresh look at the sewage plant. October. County hygienic districts decide Roentgen. P. Commonly while the president. Oct. Dismissal is appealed. October. Toxic contamination panel hears grievances against Coast hygienic section. Late. Region rejects ‘toadstool’ fees. Nov. Watch for keyword with the feasibility off plant expansion. Late. Prohibit phosphate soaps, trustee urges hygienic district. Nov. Sanitary section urges communities to exclude phosphates.

Councilmen attempt to highlight all day parking condition. The month of january. 15, 1970, p. 5. Coordinators slate see for the parking proposal. Feb. sixteen, 1970, p. cuatro. Parking ban is attempt to simplicity traffic. June eleven, 1970, p. eleven. Town pays $55,000 getting parking lot acreage. Summer twenty-five, 1970, p. seven.

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