The physical, mental and emotional health of all children is important

The physical, mental and emotional health of all children is important

The number of children who are not provided with three good meals each day is growing as families face financial hardship. We provide nutritional advice for both parents and school canteens in the hopes of ensuring children’s nutritional needs are met. We make information regarding the healthy development of children available to all those interested, along with where to get health insurance. For those working with children with mental or emotional problems we provide information to help them get the support and resources they need.

For those suffering financial hardship, going through divorce, in abusive situations, lacking in family support and/or dealing with other hardships we endeavor to provide support and information that will help them cope with their current situations and move into healthier environments. When hardship is present we find that children often suffer despite their parents’ best efforts to shield them from it, and adults don’t know where to turn for help. Our aim is to provide them with the informational resources to rebuild their lives.

With low income families often living below the poverty line we believe there is a serious shortage of affordable housing and jobs that provide a livable income and negate the need for long overtime hours. This is resulting in children going hungry because parents simply cannot afford to feed them three good meals a day. Living in a recession, with state budget cuts to essential services for those in need is an issue that needs urgent attention. We advocate state and national attention to providing the means for poverty-stricken families to improve their circumstances.

We also keep readers informed about welfare reform

We are concerned that children of school age receive a good education and that those with special needs have suitable provisions made for their education. We recognize that there why not look here is a growing need for bilingual education for the growing number of children speaking 2 or more languages. We also believe that standards and testing provide accurate assessments of a child’s educational level and that help be provided when children fall behind. We are also aware that teachers are being called upon to provide more and more classroom resources as school budgets do not allow for even the most basic classroom needs in some areas.

We strongly advocate the ongoing education of children to prevent playground bullying, online bullying, and teaching those working with children the signs that indicate a child is being bullied. We are deeply concerned by the rise in domestic violence and violence within the community, and the effect violent and aggressive video games are having upon our children and would like age restrictions on such gaming be stricter.

For Child Care Providers

Are you looking for tips on working with children and families in your program? Want to know more about issues affecting early care and education? Want to find out about efforts to improve early care and education in California – and how you can join in?

The Children’s Advocate offers a range of articles and resources for early care and education teachers and providers in California, including advice and tips, activism, and child care policy and trends.

We are advocates of children being raised in a safe environment where they are not subjected to the likes of domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or verbal abuse. To this end we have tips and advice to help interested parties prevent abuse and also recognize the signs of abuse. We endeavor to provide information that will inform parents of children in abusive situations of their rights, the resources available to them and where they can go with their children should leaving the home be necessary. We provide information for those who wish to foster children so they know the process and also what to expect in the behavior of a child who is being fostered.

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