Title: Shopping for Atlantis (Part 1)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/E, Class

Title: Shopping for Atlantis (Part 1)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/E, Class

Genre: Action/Excitement, Angst, Hurt/Comfort. it’s a blended purse.Warning/Spoilers: 4×01 ‘Adrift’ 4×02 ‘Lifeline’ 4×03 ‘Reunion’ (Place, article 4×04 ‘Doppleganger’)Summary: It doesn’t matter how hard it is actually, Atlantis is still destroyed as opposed to it’s commander.Disclaimer: Really don’t individual Stargate Atlantis.Author’s Notice: It fic is inspired by John and you may Ronon’s desperate need certainly to has E back to demand.

Teyla watched in the home when it comes to second date you to times, Ronon try packing their things to log off. She’d spotted your you kone slovensk to definitely first time, waited beyond your door until Colonel Carter had kept, their unique attempts defeated from the his stubbornness just before she’d strolled towards the door, mutual a peek that have him and noticed your keep packing.

“I understand there is certainly a way that you could handle it. pressure, both you and Colonel Carter apparently express.” Teyla attempted, gesturing with her hands so that you can make their section check a whole lot more, related.

He gone next to their own, shorter than simply she’d forecast and you may stared down on their unique having good tough rage with the an absent class. “This is exactly why I am making.”

“Very?” Ronon stalked towards screen prior to turning quickly and you may stalking straight back toward her. “John was a buddy, I am aware one to Teyla however, Carter. she’s going to never ever replace-”

“No, she’s going to not. Nor do If only you to definitely she you will definitely. Nevertheless need certainly to discover, Ronon, everyone miss Elizabeth, some more than the others. ” she glanced at flooring quietly if you will, in advance of appointment his attention once more. “. however, i continue as the we know that this is really what she would require, we understand one Age would not want Atlantis to fall.”

“As I can’t remain.” He said softly, flipping regarding their own and you will bending their hand-in the latest towel away from their wallet. Teyla watched him gently as he achieved the rest products on their bed before he appeared right up within paint towards wall and you will reached to take they down.

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“Give this to McKay?” he asked as he enacted it so you’re able to their. Teyla got they that have a dim expression and held the brand new decorate firmly in her give.

“We’ll find.” She beamed and you can Ronon would not let but echo it, yet not faintly. Searching their more for a moment, he beamed off at their ever-growing belly next pressed the fresh color aside and you will taken their own toward their palms inside the a rigid embrace.

She nodded against his bust while the she hidden herself in his embrace, breathing in a perfume that had constantly troubled their particular, beckoned her.

They both told you they, they would one another will provides her family, than just features Carter staying the fresh new throne enjoying

Establishing her of his hands, the guy shrugged on the their layer and you may picked up their purse. Tucking his gun for the it’s holster the guy understood their unique top arm softly when he left the area instead another type of phrase.

Carter endured towards the top of the fresh new stairways watching due to the fact Ronon readied themselves to exit, making certain everything you try strapped upwards precisely and his holster is tightened up securely.

Ronon searched up in the Colonel, smirking snidely due to the fact she started to walk along the steps for the him and you will saw just like the Stargate involved.

Ronon looked to make their means from door, regardless of if curiously eliminated right in front from it. Carter watched him closely when he only stood there, staring at the event panorama as if waiting around for some thing. Rodney and Teyla was basically condition several paces about their own and you will the rest of the gateroom had their eyes trapped for the his straight back, although interest is taken out of the guy using slowest step it is possible to through the entrance, to the sound of beating footsteps regarding the passageway off of the gateroom.

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