Dairy Breeding

The basic direction of the Company`s activity is dairy cattle breeding of Holstein-Friesian red-and-white breed in a herd of over 700 milk cows with a yearly efficiency of nearly 10,000 kg of milk from one cow. At present our herd of cattle counts over 1500 animals. Intensive breeding works are carried out using the latest MOET techniques, Received from the best cows and heifers in order to obtain female and male material of high genetic value. The selection of animals for the embryo transfer is based on the study of the breeding value genome. The process of selection is mainly focused on picking the best animals in herd considering their production index, build type and functional features. Our Company also emphasizes on the features of production costs and quality: health and longevity.

Every year our cows and heifers take part in local and national cattle exhibitions like the Silesian Cattle Show Exhibition and Polish National Breeding Animal Show. Over the years our animals won many Champion awards and other honours like:

  • Polish National Breeding Animal Show 2017- three Champions, two Vicechampions in the category of Holstein-Friesian red-and-white
  • Silesian Breeding Exhibition Kamień Śląski 2017- one Superchampion, four Champions, two Vicechampions in the category of Holstein-Friesian red-and-white
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